This is a list of physicians and professionals we and or our customers have had direct (good) experience with.  It is by no means complete or exclusive so if you have any recommends please email and        Run Strong

Physical Trainers                                                      

Tracy Mobley
Stephanie Liddle       
Performance Therapy:

Performance Therapy specializes in sports injury rehab, post operation rehab, sacroiliac joint pain and custom orthotics. We are committed to relieving your pain and getting our patients back to desired functioning level. We also offer sport taping, bike fits and running analysis to enhance performance in your sport of choice. Performance Therapy provides a comprehensive evaluation including use of Biodex for strength testing and sport specific analysis to allow athletes to achieve individual goals. Come see us for all of your rehab and sport related goals.



Joseph Liljenquist                       


Allan Cooper


Eric Nelson

Massage Therapist