Get To Know Our Staff

I have been working at Teton Running since February of 2014. When I’m not at Teton Running helping others battle the forces of plantar fasciitis or runners knee, I can be found at home spending time with my family or at BYU-I working towards a business degree.
In high school, I was known by most people as “the running guy.” I ran track and cross county for Rigby High School from the 6th grade until graduating in 2011. During that time, I competed at 6 state championships and earned 7 state medals. Now I train for and will race anything from the mile to a half marathon.
The better question is “How did I ever live before I worked at Teton Running?” I wake up, go for a run, and then head to work and talk about running. How many people can say they get paid to talk about their hobby? I do!
I started running in 2011 just to get back into shape and I just grew to love it. I signed up for my first marathon when I went to watch my brother run the 2011 St. George Marathon. It was my first time ever being at a marathon and I loved the energy I felt there so when I saw the Utah Valley Marathon booth at the expo I wanted to sign up for it but I was not sure if I was ready to do one so my brother had to convince me to just sign up and pay for it. That is what I did and it made me train for it, if I didn’t would be out of the money I spent for it. From that point on I have loved running. I have ran a couple more full and half marathons, a Ragnar, and a few 5ks. One of my favorite marathons to run is the Utah Valley Marathon partly because it was my first marathon but also I love the big race feel, it’s one of the bigger races I’ve ran.  I love working at Teton Running Company because I get to share what I love to do with others and help them prepare to reach their goals. I started working here July of 2011. I am currently going to school at BYU-Idaho studying Business. 

Hi! My name is Kristina and I have worked at Teton Running for 2 years. I grew up in Idaho Falls and did track and numerous sports throughout school. I currently teach group fitness and believe that adapting an active lifestyle is important to lead a healthy and happy life. I love being silly and am never shy. I am always eager to get to know any and everyone and I look forward to seeing you in our store!



My name is Gamaliel Huerta, but everyone calls me Gama.  I was born in Mexico then moved to the United States when I was 9 years old. I have been working at Teton Running for about 2 years. A few years back I decided to make some lifestyle changes. I joined a local gym where I met a runner who was training for a marathon. She was inspiring.  She encouraged me to sign up for my first half marathon.  I was determined and after the half marathon I felt accomplished.  Running made me happy. I fell in love with running and decided to sign up for a full marathon.  I have completed at least 5 half marathons and 4 full marathons. My favorite race is St. George Marathon. The entire city comes together to support all of the athletes and everyone there is so welcoming. I enjoy working at Teton Running for so many reasons. I love the stories I hear from elite runners who inspire me. I love coaching and helping novice runners who have a goal like I did. This year I have decided to branch out of my comfort zone and sign up for a triathlon.  I amcurrently training for the Bengal Sprint Triathlon and the Spudman Olympic Triathlon.  I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day and also hope to complete an Ironman. Running has taught me a lot about myself and about what we are capable of doing. I love to run!
I'm a senior at BYU-Idaho studying Business-Marketing, I love anything and everything active and outdoors. One of my passions is physical fitness and always striving to improve myself. I LOVE working at Teton Running because I get to connect with and help others who share the same goals. Running is one of my favorite things to do because not only is great for you physically but also mentally. I feel like I can have a personal vacation everyday when I run. I ran my first marathon in 2014 in Ogden and this has been my favorite running experience thus far.  
My name is Josh and I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado! I have been a runner since I was 5 years old. My mom would make me run around the block whenever I would tease my little brothers and sisters. Eventually, I stopped teasing my brothers and sister and eventually I got really good at running. Even though my mom wouldn't tell me to go run I continued to run because I loved the feeling. I continued to run in high school where I became a nationally ranked runner and achieved several stated records including becoming a state champion. Last year I got married to my beautiful wife Brittany and we continue to run together. The greatest thing about running is that everyone can do it and everyone who runs is super friendly and welcoming. 
Hi, I'm Dillon and I'm from Rigby, ID. I didn't find out I liked running until I started running track and field in junior high school. I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but my parents, knowing me well, forced me to join the team any way. It wasn't long before I loved it. Since then, besides a two year hiatus for my LDS mission to Canada, I have continued to run the vast majority of days. I'm an exercise physiology major at BYU-Idaho and have a passion for learning how we can be healthier. I now enjoy eating absurd amounts of food on my runs, watching every running race YouTube has to offer, and helping others find similar enjoyment in running.
Hi, my name is Morgan! I've been working at Teton Running Company since September of 2015. There is nothing I love more than the outdoors and healthy living! With ten years of snowboarding, four years of soccer, and with the myriad hikes and runs I've participated in, exercise is a huge part of my life. I was never the best or fastest runner, but I improve everyday and I love what I do! "Running must be the only aspect of life in which, 'It's all downhill from here,' is literally the best thing you can hear."

In 6th grade I set my middle school's record for the mile. It will never be broken.