Shoe Review by Austin Patten

I have used the MR1400 for a few indoor track races as well as some outdoor races. The indoor races were the 1-mile and the 2-mile while the outdoor race was a half marathon on the road w...ith a 2 mile stretch on a gravel road. This shoe has a 8mm drop but while running feels just a bit lower; maybe closer to a 5 or 6mm drop. The shoe also feels very light on the foot coming in at 7.1 oz. in a men’s size 9. The REVlite midsole provides some cushion for you without taking away responsiveness and adding weight. During my races I have noticed that the shoe is narrow as most racing flats are and really secures my foot in place. Because the upper portion of the shoe is seamless, there is no awkward bend in the shoe and it fits really well around the foot. Despite the shoe fitting tight, there is no rubbing on the foot either. The blown rubber on the sole provides you with great traction whether on the track or on the road. Even when the road is a little wet from the sprinklers or some rain, the traction is great. The thing I like most about the MR1400 is how responsive it is. I could really feel what was happening to my feet and could feel the transition from the foot strike to the toe off. This really helped me to prevent over striding and striking on the heel because I could feel better where I was hitting the ground. I like the flexibility of the shoe as well. I feel like the shoe gives me more back by being more flexible. That flexibility seems to allow for a stronger toe off in my opinion, thus generating more power to propel you forward. The cushion is not a ton but it is enough to cover at least a half marathon. As a pronator, the only thing I would change about the shoe is to put just a bit more in the arch for some support. However, even with the shoe being neutral, my feet didn’t hurt at the end of the half and I was able to go about my normal day after the race with no issues in my feet. This is a great shoe to set a PR in and set a new standard for you in races! It will help you take your running to the next level! If you are looking for your