What is pronation?

Have you ever been called an overpronator?  Don't worry, it's not a swear word.  But what is it?  Websters defines pronation "as the rotation of the medial bones of the midtarsal regions of the foot inward and downward so that in walking (and running) the foot tends to come down on its inner margin."  This is critical to know in running to ensure that you are wearing the correct running shoes for your gait.
At Teton Running, we take you through a complete biomechanical gait analysis to examine your unique stride and then fit you in the most proper shoes.  Throughout this process, we also take into account your running goals, injuries, and any other relevant factors to help find you the best available solution for your running needs.  Each of our knowledgeable staff members have been fully trained in this process and want to see you succeed in whatever goal you may have.